PT. Eurobuilding Asia has been active in the market place for the past 15 years, specializing in the acquisition and development of prime properties including boutique hotels, up market estates and private villas. Working closely with team’s of architects, builders and lawyers catering to the needs of up market hoteliers and individuals. The company has been a pioneer in bringing the modern concepts of tropical lifestyle to South East Asia. Eurobuilding Asia also provides full management services to help owners maximize their investments, generate income and preserve the high standards of their property. Whilst following strict corporate guidelines but with the sensitivity of particular markets, Eurobuilding Asia has been able to adapt to the many countries in which it is located and create the highest standards and profitable resorts and hotels that fully meet the needs of its demanding clientele. Over the years, Eurobuilding Asia has developed its’ own management team but has worked with and continues to work with a number of reputable hospitality consultants such as International Leisure Consultants (ILC) with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta in the implementation of operating standards and concepts whilst in the Marketing field, with ATP Heathcote & Associates Ltd who advise and assist with the groups Marketing and Public Relations Activities in Europe.

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